TME Presents: The Next Evolution in Streamlining NEPA

You’ve read the article; now learn the rest of the story. Take a deeper look into “The Next Evolution in Streamlining NEPA,” originally featured in The Military Engineer January-February 2020 issue.

The National Environmental Policy Act has become a cumbersome process that too frequently misses the original intent of the legislation—but technology is now seeking to help cure its most systematic issues. Most agree that DOD’s NEPA process takes too long, costs too much, and often produces lengthy documentation. How do we overcome these challenges? The goal of the NEPA process is to identify better alternatives and potential environmental impacts, foster better decisions, and implement impact reduction measures while engaging the public and documenting the process. DOD has amassed an abundance of environmental data on their installations that can accelerate the NEPA process; however, various additional, often overlapping environmental regulations; duplicative agency review cycles; inconsistent implementing regulations; and “injunctophobic” NEPA processes have emerged, resulting in longer NEPA documents.

In this webinar, we will review various measures that have been promulgated to streamline NEPA since 1978. We will discuss bridges that might be suitable for each critical component: time, cost, and document length. We will review DOD NEPA “success stories,” including real-time measures that have achieved efficiencies. We will discuss the ways we’re accelerating the NEPA process for a fast-tracked project at Fort Benning, including innovative technological tools.

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