TME Presents: Remediation at Coast Guard Base Kodiak

You’ve read the article; now learn the rest of the story. Take a deeper look into “Remediation at Coast Guard Base Kodiak,” originally featured in The Military Engineer January-February 2020 issue.

At a remote Coast Guard installation on Kodiak Island in Alaska, a previous dry cleaning facility had left the site in need of soil and groundwater remediation. Contaminants from solvents disposed of during its time of operation were found to be part of a plume that had migrated underneath nearby occupied structures, creating a dangerous vapor intrusion issue. Previous cleanup attempts had only been partially successful. In 2015, the Coast Guard worked with Ahtna Environmental to address the contamination while also keeping nearby structures intact. Due to these specific challenges, traditional remediation tactics such as excavation and backfill would not work, and so Ahtna proposed a three phase approach of collecting baseline groundwater samples and borings to obtain geochemical parameters, removing old utilities and replacing them with modern components, and digging out the areas with the highest concentration of volatile chemicals and replacing with engineered backfill.

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