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The Military Engineer—since 1909 under its original masthead Professional Memoirs, and since January 1920 in its current form as the official journal of SAMEhas been the leading voice championing the contributions, the achievements, and the legacy of military engineers and those aligned with ensuring the national security of the United States.

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Mitigating Risk Through Early Contractor Involvement

By R. David Curfman, P.E., SES, M.SAMEThe needs of the U.S. Navy to replace aging infrastructure and provide support for the 21st century fleet...

Adaptation in the Arctic

By Justine Yu, Elizabeth Gao, M.SAME, Kevin Bjella, David Shields, M.SAME, David Christensen, M.SAME, and Rene ParkerThe Department of Defense is responsible for ensuring...

Maintaining Mission Readiness Through Portfolio-Based Asset Management

By Col. Brian May, M.SAME, USAF (Ret.), Niek Veraart, M.SAME, and Elizabeth Bradford, M.SAMEIn an increasingly complex national security landscape, defense resilience strategies focus...

Modeling Wildfire Risk at Vandenberg SFB

By Capt D. Napolean Robinson, USAF, and Christopher Chini, Ph.D.Recurrent heatwaves and droughts across the western half of the United States, as well as...

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