The Meaning of SAME’s Centennial Logo and the Run to 2020 & Beyond

A logo may appear to be just that, a logo. But for anyone who has helped to conceive and design a logo, there is often much more symbolism to the finished product than is apparent at first glance.

The SAME Centennial logo, which was unveiled at the 2018 JETC in Kansas City, is no different. Each aspect of it, from the shape to the wording to the colors, was done for a reason—and we hope those reasons evoke great appreciation for the tremendous work being done by you, the members, as we all embark on the Run to 2020 and Beyond.

SAME Centennial Logo

Inside the Centennial Logo

Central to the Centennial logo is the current SAME brand, which remains dominant. The Centennial does not define our impact as a Society; rather, our longevity of service defines our Centennial.

The centennial banner highlights the special 100th Anniversary event in our history as a Society, while its flowing style illustrates the continuity and enduring nature of our contributions extending beyond 2020.

The logo’s circular shape exemplifies SAME’s vision of leading collaboration, our high standard of inclusion, and our multidisciplinary nature. Our Society is about bringing people together.

Our enduring purposes of patriotism and national security are depicted (the flag for patriotism; national security spelled out on the lower rim). The colors of red, white and blue are those of the United States.

The script font selected for the word “Centennial” is reflective of the era during which we were born, while the subtle shadowing effect expresses dimension and depth—representative of our engineering makeup.

And most importantly, the selection of 18 stars. These 18 stars, five-pointed to hearken back to our military roots, represent our standard of operating as One Society: 17 stars are for SAME’s regions; the 18th star depicts our national organization (the Board of Direction, Foundation, National Office, and Committees & Councils).

All together, the design aspires to be simple, yet elegant and profound—depicting the humble and honorable nature of our service for nearly 100 years.

The Run to 2020 & Beyond

SAME was founded in 1920, “to promote solidarity and co-operation between engineers in civil and military life, to disseminate technical knowledge bearing upon progress in the art of war and the application of engineering science thereto, and to preserve and maintain the best standards and traditions of the profession, all in the interests of patriotism and national security.”

While this enduring purpose remains the core tenet of SAME, as the requirements of our country evolve, so does our support. We are investing in programs to inspire future STEM graduates and, utilizing the power of the SAME Foundation, develop leaders for our nation; helping veterans transition into meaningful livelihoods in the construction and trades fields; and unifying efforts to strengthen America’s resilience and national security by building trust among the public and private sectors.

The “Run to 2020 and Beyond” is a call to action, designed to inspire SAME members—and our partners and stakeholders—to increase participation by finding their passion within five key pillars where making an impact will be directly benefiting the strength and security of the United States for decades to come.

• Enhancing Industry-Government Engagement
• Developing Leaders for the Profession
• Producing STEM Professionals for the Nation
• Preparing Veterans for the A/E/C Industry
• Building Resilience throughout the Country

With the Run to 2020 and Beyond officially underway, find ways across the spectrum of opportunities to make a difference, whether locally, regionally, or nationally. As SAME President Col. Marv Fisher, LEED AP, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.) remarked at JETC in Kansas City, imagine the impact we can have as a Society if we all do “just one more.”

In addressing the audience at JETC, Col. Fisher outlined the theme of “Just One More,” using the heroics of World War II Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss, most recently featured in the film Hacksaw Ridge, to move members to want to do just one more thing, to volunteer at just one more event, to give just one more scholarship donation, to help just one more aspiring engineer, to attend just one more meeting.

The idea being, that because all SAME members are volunteers, it can be hard to give all the time that is needed for the Society to have as much of a collective positive impact as it could potentially achieve. But if instead of some people giving a lot more, imagine the power of 28,000 people each giving just one more.

The countdown is on to SAME’s Centennial Celebration, May 27-29, 2020, in Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital!