The Impact & Value of JETC

By Alex Masters, Guest Contributor  

SAME’s members and stakeholders represent some of the A/E/C industry’s leading professionals that are tackling military and civilian challenges throughout the world. The organization’s events provide an opportunity to leverage this knowledge base for the advancement of integral solutions and concepts. JETC, specifically, has a significant contribution to the advancement of these professionals and their contribution to society.

The following are several points of interest regarding the JETC event impact and value.

Grow Your Network. No matter what sessions and events you attend while at JETC, you will be sure to engage and meet new professionals from unfamiliar organizations. These people represent years of experience, education and industry knowledge. Asking questions, introducing people to one another, and engaging in meaningful discussions can be the most valuable opportunities for learning while attending JETC.

Practical Information. Gain practical knowledge from private and public sector subject matter experts on key topics of interest to the A/E/C community. This information can be applied in day-to-day activities, or may contribute to the overall thought process on complex projects, initiatives and industry challenges.



Insights. While at JETC, be sure to engage with peers and leaders to learn more about industry trends, best practices, lessons learned, etc. within your area of expertise and knowledge. The people in attendance at JETC have played an active role in the development and growth of the A/E/C industry throughout the nation.

Socializing. JETC social events give you the opportunity to get to know attendees on a more personal level. What you learn and the relationships you build at these functions is amazing. You will build relationships that will impact you the rest of your life. You never know what you will encounter or who you will meet. These events are also great places for introducing people that you know but don’t necessarily know each other. You never know what those introductions might lead to.

Vendor Interaction. Most vendors look forward to engaging with potential clients, existing customers, and teaming partners while attending JETC. The composition of vendors in the exhibit hall is diverse and allows for a wide range of social engagement. Their representation is amplified by their attendee count and the ability to engage with them in the sessions, networking periods, and other venues at the event. Obviously, the vendors set up in the exhibit hall are only a small portion of the firms and organizations in attendance at the event.

The people you meet, the information you learn, and the relationships you build are invaluable to the individuals and organizations working day to day in the industry. It is imperative to take this time to leverage this event to its fullest extent. I cannot think of any other event that has the greatest potential impact on our nation’s critical infrastructure, personal knowledge advancement, and organizational achievements.

I look forward to this year’s JETC because of SAME’s continued investment in the program line-up, speaker composition, and the anticipated turnout of more than 1,800 of the industry’s leading professionals. I look forward to seeing you there!

Alex Masters is Executive Vice President, Advanced Integrated Solutions LLC