Reports Look at Federal Project Delivery

In 2017, SAME released two white papers on key aspects of the project delivery process as it applies specifically to the federal sector. One report examines funding opportunities through public-private partnerships; the other looks at the challenges and avenues to success that federal owners see when executing projects.

Both reports provide valuable context for members of government and industry, and offer tangible solutions as both sectors work towards improving project delivery.

As part of the run-up to its Centennial in 2020, SAME has committed to focus on working with both government and industry through an Industry-Government Engagement Plan that is grounded in sharing knowledge and best practices, conducting joint training that mimics real-world situations, and collaborating on issues at every level in order to achieve consensus, efficiency and transparency. At the 2017 Small Business Conference in November, in Pittsburgh, the second annual CEO Roundtable focused specifically on project delivery, including the benefits of partnering and what can be done to increase collaboration between the public and private sectors.

SAME Perspectives: Public-Private Partnerships was drafted from the results of the inaugural SAME CEO Roundtable, and covers Federal Public-Private Partnerships: the challenges, possible recommendations, and the next steps and speedbumps that would need to be overcome for further adoption of P3s to support greater infrastructure investment at the federal level. As articulated in the documents executive summary: “America’s national security depends on an infrastructure that fuels our economy and assures the readiness of our military installations to protect Americans anywhere from threat. The urgency to do something now requires a hard look at the barriers to fully leveraging P3s or any form of alternative financing.”

Federal Owners’ Forum Report was published in concert with DBIA following the second annual Federal Owners’ Forum the organizations held this year. The report captures the issues and areas for improvement agencies identified in the forum—including what are the right tools, the right people, and the right processes for success. In short, project delivery and procurement work together. In an effort to improve collaboration, attendees scrutinized the design-build and design-bid-build processes to identify challenges and possible solutions.