SAME is committed to supporting the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators through K-12 STEM outreach. To meet this objective, Posts take an active role in fostering a love of learning, critical thinking, and creativity in young students from their communities. Members volunteer at math competitions, career days, science fairs, and other events, taking the time to connect with students. A vital part of this process is the formation of community partnerships with organizations that are striving to fulfill a similar mission in their local area.

The San Antonio Post is committed to this approach, and works with partners to provide thoughtful and impactful STEM awareness and support. Successful partnerships allow for the best formation of ideas and resources. In many of the communities that the Post serves, it leverages established STEM activities.

By providing both financial and volunteer support, the San Antonio Post is able to enhance already-successful events rather than compete with them. The result is many organizations working together to make a difference in the community.


San Antonio BEST Robotics Competition is an annual event meant to stimulate the interest of area students in science and technology careers through robotics. San Antonio BEST is an all-volunteer organization. Teams participate at no cost with the support of several organizations such as SAME.

The San Antonio Post sponsors the event, members volunteer before and during competition, and there is even a special award in the Society’s name. This year’s competition was titled “Off the Grid” where school teams constructed robots to restore damaged electrical power systems.


The John Jay Science & Engineering Academy hosts students from kindergarten through eighth grade for a day of learning and fun at the annual STEM Fest. It is an ideal event for the San Antonio Post to support because it is a partnership with a local high school to help younger students. STEM Fest is organized and run by the students of the John Jay Science & Engineering Academy; the Post’s sponsorship and volunteer support is important to helping the students meet their needs.

This year, the San Antonio Post supported STEM Fest with a slime volcano activity. Students, especially younger ones and family members, enjoyed molding the slime into simulated volcanoes and adding the chemicals to create the simulated eruptions.


The San Antonio Chapter of the Society of Design Administration hosts an annual Design Treasures event for fourth- and fifth-graders, which is a half-day seminar designed to encourage appreciation of the built environment and allows children to experience the process from design to construction. The San Antonio Post sponsors the event, provides judges for the art competition, and presents a STEM activity to nearly 100 students. This year was a success with 12 different organizational sponsors.

By providing both financial and volunteer support, the San Antonio Post is able to enhance already-successful events rather than compete with them. The result is many organizations working together to make a difference in the community.

The San Antonio Post created a Lego activity and told each group of children to act as an industry firm and work to plan, design, construct, and present any structure of their choosing within 10 minutes. Several roadblocks were thrown at the students to simulate a real-world project, including budget loss (removal of Legos) and time constraints (less time). The kids enjoyed the activity and built many impressive structures.


School careers days are important because they allow for connecting better with students and understanding local area STEM needs. The San Antonio Post supports several careers days at local elementary schools.

Recently at W.Z. “Doc” Burke Elementary School, Post members Scott Mikos and Jennifer Peters were warmly welcomed by school staff. They were part of a group composed of more than two dozen volunteers who spoke to the students. They met with three fifth-grade classes (over 60 students) and provided insights into environmental sciences, as well as the architecture, engineering, and construction professions.

Peters showed a slideshow of many major environmental events over the years that heightened international interest to enact laws and create efforts to better protect the planet. Meanwhile, Mikos shared lessons from his  time in college as an architecture major, highlights of his 20-year career as a civilian engineer in the U.S. Air Force, and then humorously reminded the students to do their homework!


Posts are uniquely positioned to contribute to STEM outreach. Each local area offers different programs and has distinctive needs.

By being a part of the community and supporting so many activities and programs, SAME serves a vital role. And the benefactors are the hundreds of students, parents, educators, and local organizations that make up the places where members work and live.

Victoria Hernandez, Jacobs, is a member of the San Antonio Post;