Astronaut Eileen Collins Featured on SAME’s “Real TiME Podcast”

Renowned astronaut and 2017 JETC Keynote Speaker, Col. Eileen Collins, USAF (Ret.), the first woman to command an American Spacecraft, recently joined SAME Executive Director Joe Schroedel on SAME’s Real TiME Podcast ahead of her address at the upcoming JETC, which is being held May 23-25 in Columbus, Ohio.

Collins touches on a number of topics—including how she got into flying; inspiring kids to pursue engineering; the importance of professionalism; following your dreams; and what she was thinking about before commanding Space Shuttle Discovery’s “Return to Flight” mission in 2005.

Below is an excerpt from the interview….

I saved up the money [$1,000], 20 years old, between my junior and senior year in college. I went to my local airport and asked them to teach me how to fly. And I learned after that first couple of flights that is what I wanted to do for a career. The fact that it led into the Space Program was not a coincidence. Because I think, tied in with my interest in flying, was also my interest in space.”

To hear the full podcast with Eileen Collins, listen on SoundCloud, or you can listen on iTunes.


SAME launched the Real TiME Podcast in fall 2016 to highlight the work of members and partners in strengthening the engineering potential of the United States and in achieving the goals and objectives of the 2020 SAME Strategic Plan. It is an extension of the Real TiME e-newsletter, which debuted in spring 2016 as a way to capture a lot of news and notes from across the Society.

We wanted to create a way to hear directly from members. The guests featured on the Real TiME Podcast to date represent members and partners from both inside and outside SAME. Episodes are about 20 minutes. Have a listen at your desk or in your car today!


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