Academy of Fellows Medal

The SAME Academy of Fellows will invest 19 new members during its 2019 Fellows Investiture Ceremony, which will be held Wednesday, March 13, at the Hyatt Regency Dulles in Herndon, Va., as part of this year’s SAME Capital Week and preceding the 2019 Golden Eagle Awards Dinner.

Established in 1995, the SAME Academy of Fellows recognizes those members who have rendered dedicated and outstanding service to the Society, to military engineering, and to the A/E/C profession. During the ceremony, the Academy also will honor this year’s recipient of the Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award, which is awarded annually to a member of the Academy for outstanding mentoring efforts.

Congratulations to the new Fellows who will be invested and to the Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award recipient, Col. John Mogge Jr., Ph.D., RA, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.), who will be honored during the event as well. For more information about the SAME Academy of Fellows, visit

SAME Fellows Class of 2019

Carol V. Bell, F.SAME

Carol Bell has a record of service to SAME spanning two decades. Her enthusiasm and energy for the value of SAME membership is demonstrated in her volunteer commitment and leadership roles with the Blue Ridge Post. Her service to SAME mirrors the work ethic and professionalism she has brought to her roles in the engineering industry. As a dedicated manager at her firm, she has been successful at driving new initiatives, winning contracts and providing key pursuit knowledge to her colleagues. Bell epitomizes the SAME National Direction of creating one society of vibrant Posts that are relevant locally and contributing to a National Strategic Plan. As a Fellow, she commits to developing a SAME Leadership Pipeline that begins at the Post level and identifies and encourages individuals to apply for National Officer positions.

Laureen A. Borochaner, P.E., F.SAME

Laureen Borochaner has provided unwavering leadership to the SAME, the Department of the Army, and the nation throughout her career. As an engineering and acquisition professional she leads a team of over 200 professionals in execution of the USACE mission locally, regionally and nationally, recognized in her receiving the 2018 Wheeler Medal. Her commitment to excellence, professionalism, and mission execution for USACE and SAME is recognized by those within, as well as outside of the organizations. She has been a dedicated volunteer at the Jacksonville Post, including the last four years as Chair of the Education & Training Committee. As a Fellow, she commits to expand participation in SAME by local schools through expanding Post participation in National Engineers Week, specifically, Post Engineering Career Day.

Col. David C. Brewer, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Colonel David Brewer has contributed to National Defense in the military and private sector, to the field of engineering, and SAME for more than 34 years. Most notable has been his mentorship of young Air Force officers and civilians, and the expertise demonstrated through his leadership of the Pacific Air Forces Plans & Programs Division. Over the past 12 years, he has been a contributor to the Pikes Peak Post and the Rocky Mountain Region and is credited as the driving force behind Pikes Peak’s national recognition as a Distinguished Post. As a Fellow, he commits to work with the Young Member Council and Enlisted Committee to develop an SAME value brief for young military and civil servant engineering professionals and will use my Post and Region as a primary starting point to measure success.

Allison J. Cantu, P.E., F.SAME

Allison Cantu has been actively involved in SAME post leadership or national committees for over 10 years. She has been the Young Member chair for the San Diego Post and is currently serving as the Post’s Engineering & Construction Camps Chair. Cantu served as a mentor at the SAME/Navy Engineering and Construction Camp in the past, and will be the Camp Director for the 2019 Navy Engineering and Construction Camp when it returns this year. Professionally, she a Remedial Technical Manager with the Environmental Restoration team at NAVFAC Southwest in San Diego. As a Fellow, she commits to successfully restart the SAME/Navy Engineering & Construction Camp, increasing support in order to increase camper capacity in the future from 2019 levels.

Kevin R. Chafin, RA, F.SAME

Kevin Chafin has a 30-year career of working for the Federal Government in multiple areas. He was an active duty and reserve Technical Sergeant for the Air Force, served as a NAVFAC architect, and as the architectural principal in several small businesses performing design for USACE, NAVFAC, GSA, and the Coast Guard. As a member of SAME, he has provided 12 years of outstanding leadership and commitment, including as President of the Savannah Post. Chafin has been active in SAME’s national committees and councils, frequently attends national events, and has twice co-chaired regional SAME symposiums. As a Fellow, he commits to lead his Post in developing an Industry-Government Engagement Workshop that addresses design issues and includes architects from a variety of public, private, local and federal entities.

Sarah O. Cole, F.SAME

Sarah Cole has been an active member since first joining her Post’s board in 2007, and served as the Fort Worth Post President in 2014 and 2015. Under her leadership, the Post earned Distinguished Post with Distinction. She has received multiple honors as the Young Member of Year, and as the 2016 Extraordinary Member. She now serves as the Post’s Professional Development/Personal Growth Director. She is active in her community and was awarded the 2012 Mentor of the Year by a local non‐profit for at‐risk children. Cole is the Vice President of Business Development at O’Brien Engineering Inc., a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. As a Fellow, she commits to lead and facilitate efforts at my Post to offer industry-government engagement opportunities aimed at serving public agencies and providing industry with information, knowledge and access to government programs.

Capt. Eileen J. D’Andrea, RA, CEC, F.SAME, USN

Captain Eileen D’Andrea has been an SAME Member since 1995, when she entered active military service. She has served in numerous Post and national positions including President and Vice President of the Guantanamo Post; three terms as Service Liaison Officer to an Assistant Secretary of Defense, and to two SAME National Presidents. Captain D’Andrea was the first recipient of the SAME Young Member Medal in 2004. She is also an active member of the Boy Scouts of America Tidewater Council where she was recognized with the Silver Beaver award for her distinguished service and leadership. As a Fellow, she commits to facilitate a relationship between her Post and the local BSA Council to identify networking and mentorship opportunities between SAME members and Scouts who are interested in a STEM career field.

Cdr. Eric J. Denfeld, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Commander Eric Denfeld has provided unwavering leadership to SAME, the Navy, and the Nation throughout his career. In 1987 he was the first Secretary of the Guantanamo Bay Post and then from 2001 to 2004, he served as President of the Guantanamo Bay Post. Recently, he has been a cornerstone of the Jacksonville Post for several years, and was the Post President 2017 to 2018. As an engineering and acquisition professional he led NAVFAC organizations in the management of the shore infrastructure. He is passionate about developing well-rounded leaders for the nation and the Society. As a Fellow, he commits to expand upon his Post’s leadership nominating system to ensure that succession planning is strategic, diverse, and inclusive of individuals with a range of skills to encourage collaboration—and then share this system with other Posts as a best practice.

Lt. Col. John T. Enyeart, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Lieutenant Colonel John Enyeart has been a leader within SAME and at the local, state and national levels, promoting readiness and resilience among Federal Agencies and improved partnerships with Government and Non-Government emergency response organizations. Colonel Enyeart integrated expeditionary engineer capabilities into Air Force support functions and standardized Incident Management procedures across the Air Force. Formerly Post President of the Big Sky Post in 2004, the last several years his promotion of resilience for the San Antonio Post has made it a model program and has furthered the goals of SAME by promoting quality resilience programs at all levels. As a Fellow, he commits to expanding Post engagement with state and local government to better prepare for and respond to the full spectrum of disasters at the community level.

Bonnie J. Hopke, F.SAME

Bonnie Hopke serves on the San Antonio Post Board and is a co-chair for the annual Small Business Market Research Chair and the Education & Mentoring Golf Tournament. She leads the annual Weapons & Tactics Industry Day & Social and is the Chair or functional lead for the annual Holiday Celebration. In addition, Hopke served as Post Vice President/President and Co-Chair for the 2012 TEXOMA-Missouri River Regional Joint Education & Training Symposium, and received the SAME Post Service Medal in 2015. Her service to SAME has been supported by FPM Remediations, where she is Vice President for Business Development. As a Fellow, she commits to working with her Post and public sector partners to identify new opportunities that encourage and facilitate the exchange of ideas, best practices, and solutions to issues that benefit both parties.

Col. Richard H. Houghton, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Colonel Rich Houghton, an SAME member since 1988, has served as a Post Treasurer, Post President, Board of Direction leader, and Regional Vice President. He has focused efforts throughout his 26 year Air Force career to build engineering teams and advance the profession. He has been a Pentagon Staff Officer, Squadron Commander, Group Commander, Major Command Engineer, and Utility Privatization Installation Manager. As Global Strike Command Engineer, he validated the command’s ability to quickly and safely respond to nuclear incidents. He managed billions of dollars in military construction and deployed overseas several times in support of war plans. As a Fellow, he is committed to expanding Post’s programs to focus more on community resilience through collaboration with local government and industry partners.

Lt. Col. Edward R. Lefler, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Lieutenant Colonel Ed Lefler has executed thousands of military engineering missions, oversaw millions of dollars in contracts throughout a myriad of command and staff positions. A member of SAME since 1993, his passion for engineering and military service has made him a conduit for mentoring, training, educating and promoting credentialing and professional growth of members and students. He has earned numerous local, regional and national awards recognizing service to Society, most recently as president of the Fort Leonard Wood Post and a member on the National Membership and Recruitment committees. As a Fellow, he commits to expand Post support to the “Contractors on the Battlefield” educational program and corresponding networking opportunities by educating affiliated Posts and Sustaining Members on the benefits of participation and engagement with the public sector students and highlighting why participation in professional societies is of value to them.”

Jeffrey L. Leonard, P.E., CFPS, F.SAME

Jeff Leonard has been dedicated to the Kittyhawk Post and the SAME mission since joining in 2001. He immediately joined committees and started assisting with events like the Golf Outing Scholarship Fundraiser and assisting with the programs committee from his first year as a member. Leonard has served on the Post’s board as secretary, Vice President, and President. He has volunteered as Science Fair Judge, participates in Tech Fest, and volunteers as a guest presenter in the K-12 Classroom. Professionally, he is a System Safety Engineer for the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. As a Fellow, he commits to expand his Post’s STEM initiatives through involvement, connections and volunteer efforts with the Air Force Educational Outreach Office, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, and local organizations to build on and form new strategic alliances in STEM outreach.

Lt. Col. Kevin J. Lovell, PMP, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Lovell has led service members and civilians to achieve strategic goals in Europe, Asia and the United States, including receiving three Bronze Star Medals for actions overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. As Deputy Commander for USACE Chicago District, he was responsible for a Civil Works program for the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the country. An S-A-M-E member since 1995, his service includes leadership positions at the post and national levels, on committees and the Board of Direction. He is a frequent moderator and presenter, and received the 2017 Toulmin Award for best article in The Military Engineer magazine. As a Fellow, he commits to establish a Veteran Transition team at his Post which will integrate local transition programs and local veteran focused organizations to better support our veterans and sustaining members searching for talent.

Allan D. Lucht, P.E., F.SAME

Allan Lucht has served the country and the profession for over 36 years. He has been a member of SAME since 1984 and has been a major contributor to the success of the Anchorage Post since 2004, reinvigorating military participation, mentoring young members, partnering with other professional organizations, enhancing STEM programs, establishing a Student Chapter, and aligning Post programs with the SAME Strategic Plan. Lucht has served at both Army and Air Force installation levels as a senior engineer leader for 28 years, managing over $4 billion in construction and operations in support of our nation’s servicemembers and their families. As a Fellow, he commits to grow the Academy of Fellows presence in the European Region by serving as the Regional Fellows Point of Contact with the goal of nominating a Fellow from each European Post.

Lt. Cdr. Cindy A. Miller, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Lieutenant Commander Cindy Miller has distinguished herself through outstanding support to SAME and the engineering profession for the past 26 years. She is an advocate for youth involvement in STEM activities, and serves on the SAME Camps Committee. She has volunteered at three of the Engineering & Construction Camps and was the Atlanta Post STEM Camp coordinator for six years. She is also currently the Regional Vice President for the South Atlantic Region and President of the Atlanta Post. Her contributions to the profession are evident in her management and leadership of disaster recovery efforts, energy, and wastewater projects, and innovative new technologies. As a Fellow, she commits to actively recruit STEM camp mentors by reaching out to local schools, soliciting Post members to serve as and support camp mentors, and by encouraging her Post to provide resources for mentors to support the camps.

Susan L. Thames, F.SAME

Susan Thames has had an impressive impact on the Society since 2007. Her leadership contributions include planning and execution of the 2016 North Atlantic Industry Day; the 2013 Federal Contracting Opportunities Conference, and the Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later, Lessons Learned conference. She served as New Jersey Post President 2013 to 2015, during which time the Rowan University Student Chapter was created. She currently serves on the SAME Foundation Board and the National Leader Development Program Task Force. She began her career in the environmental and engineering industry in 2000, and is now an executive with her company, supporting successful teams on numerous contracts. As a Fellow, she commits to actively mentor the Rowan University Student Chapter and expand her Post’s involvement with the National Leadership Development Program.

Christine S. Tsai, PMP, F.SAME

Christine Tsai is a proven contributor to the A/E/C profession. Over nearly three decades, she has served in a number of technology and engineering firms, made contributions to the advancement of national and state engineering standards, and placed great emphasis and energy on fostering the next generation of engineering leaders. She is presently the Director of Federal Services Program at the Institute for Building Technology & Safety. Within SAME, she has been a dedicated volunteer including serving as Hampton Roads Post President 2012 to 2013, and is currently the Assistant Program Director with the Northern Virginia Post. As a Fellow, she commits to supporting the DC/NOVA Post Leadership & Mentoring Program through promotion and recruitment of participants and to the SAME National Leader Development Program through program development.

Cdr. Todd M. Wimmer, P.E., F.SAME, USCG

Commander Todd Wimmer is a proven, committed leader with service to three Posts including President at the San Francisco and Honolulu Posts, and positions of leadership at the Hampton Roads Post. He has been a Camp mentor multiple years and coordinated camp logistics and recruited many other committed volunteers. He has brought resilience and disaster preparedness experience to bear through involvement with TISP at the national level, and facilitated professional dialogue on resilient communities and building practices. His military service includes six tours as a Coast Guard engineer, and currently serves as Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit Honolulu. As a Fellow, he commits to expanding K-12 outreach within his Post and to establish a pipeline of STEM professionals into SAME’s Young Member leadership.

Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award

Col. John W. Mogge Jr., Ph.D., RA, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.), who served as SAME National President 2014-2015, will be presented with the Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award for outstanding mentoring efforts by an SAME Fellow. Col. Mogge, presently Director, Federal Solutions and Technology, Buildings, Infrastructure, and Advanced Facilities with Jacobs, has devoted hundreds of hours to help, advise, connect, coach, and mentor many over the years, adopting a “pay it forward” leadership style he learned from the late Maj. Gen. Bud Ahearn, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.), one of the founders of the Academy of Fellows and who received the Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award in 2004. Approachable yet direct, Col. Mogge is quick to recognize leadership potential and professional development gaps, and moves, when help is desired, to mentor SAME members and employees of his firm and other Sustaining Members. There are countless examples of him coaching and advising colleagues and industry friends in ways to reach their goals and in many cases, successfully develop their careers. Through a long-held belief that one should give more than they take, he has guided many Air Force Civil Engineer officers through their military careers and remains engaged today with those young lieutenants who were in his organizations going back to 1990. In recent years, he has been intimately involved in the Air Force’s Education With Industry fellowship program with CH2M/Jacobs. He personally manages participants engagement within the company, helping them get quick starts on their learning objectives and facilitating their engagement on projects and programs. An active member of SAME since 1980, Col. Mogge was invested into the Academy of Fellows in 1996.