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The Military Engineer—since 1909 under its original masthead Professional Memoirs, and since January 1920 in its current form as the official journal of SAMEhas been the leading voice championing the contributions, the achievements, and the legacy of military engineers and those aligned with ensuring the national security of the United States.

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3D Printing in Space: A New Paradigm for America’s Military

By Michael Fiske, Jennifer Edmunson, Ph.D., John Fikes, Mallory Johnston, and Michael Case    The informal motto of Marshall Space Flight Center’s In-Space Manufacturing Group is...
Operation Joint Endeavor

Operation Joint Endeavor Environmental Lessons

By Maj. Donald F. Archibald, USA, and Stephen W. Hughes   Article originally published in the October-November 1987 issue of The Military Engineer. The Dayton Peace Accord,...

Decision-Support Technology for Water Management Projects

By Larry Deschaine, Ph.D., P.E., Tad Fox, PG, and Jeffrey Fairbanks  Water planning and management efforts often involve evaluating complex, interconnected hydrologic systems. Assessing potential locations...

Selecting Sustainable Pipe Materials

By Capt. Steven Bosiljevac, P.E., USPHS, Capt. Luke Schulte, P.E., USPHS, and Lt. Cdr. Julia Kane, P.E., USPHS  As civil and environmental engineers designing and managing...

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